Welcome to the Home of Modern Arnis in Lansing/East Lansing  

      Modern Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art of stickfighting and emptyhand self-defense. Modern Arnis is a blend of many aspects of the martial arts. Through a relaxed teaching style, you will learn a variety of stick, empty hand and jujitsu techniques. These include blocks and disarms with empty hand and cane, jointlocks, 12 angles of attack, anyo (kata), throwing and control, ground fighting, flow drills, sinawalis, trapping hands and kickboxing. You don't have to be in top shape or an athlete to learn a martial art! You can begin training at any age or level of fitness. If you are already athletic, martial arts will challenge your body. If you are just beginning, you will be guided step by step through the basics to become proficient at any level. GuroScott has trained in various martial arts under the best teachers in their respective fields. By connecting the Arts as taught by Professor Remy A. Presas, GuroScott is able to bridge the gap of the different styles taught around the world. Come make the connection at American Martial Arts and Fitness Academy L.L.C., 15990 S. US27 Lansing, Mi.48906 Ph. 517-372-1482 or hm. 517-321-4638 

Scott with Professor